$COPIUM Price Pumps on 18:00 CET Burn Event for 100x Gains!

• $COPIUM is a top meme coin that is experiencing a buying frenzy due to an upcoming 18:00 CET burn event.
• The burn event will reduce the token supply by 30%, and liquidity will be locked shortly afterwards.
• There are rumors that the team might buy back COPIUM tokens after the burn, providing further price support.

What is $COPIUM?

$COPIUM is a top meme coin whose price has been rising due to news of its upcoming 18:00 CET burn event, which will reduce the token supply by 30%. As it looks to reclaim its all-time high and pump higher from there, the price of $COPIUM has also put in a solid floor at $0.0032 and is climbing on an ascending trendline. YouTuber crypto analysts are seeing huge gains ahead for $COPIUM.

What Happens During a Burn Event?

A burn event occurs when tokens are sent to an address from which they can never be moved or spent again – effectively reducing the total supply of tokens in circulation. By reducing supply, demand increases as investors expect prices to rise – leading to a potential increase in value of the asset over time.

What Are Liquidity Locks?

Liquidity locks are designed to encourage new entrants into the market on DEXs like Uniswap, as well as providing assurance for investors who fear ‘rug pulls’ (the removal of funds from liquidity pools). When liquidity locks occur, holders of assets deposit their tokens into a pool with no possibility of withdrawal until it expires – this makes them committed participants in the project and signals confidence in its future success.

Is There A Buyback Program?

The team behind COPIUM have hinted that they may undertake a buyback program shortly after burning coins – this would potentially provide further price support for $COPIUM as demand increases with reduced supply. The exact details about when this buyback program starts and ends has not yet been released by the team.


The upcoming 18:00 CET burn event combined with rumors of a buyback program could set up favorable conditions for bulls hoping to capitalize on what could be 100x gains looming for $COPIUM – making now an exciting time to be involved in this meme coin’s ecosystem!

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